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“Thank you so much to all of your amazing staff for your understanding, kindness & patience while caring for our Father.”

Garth Miller & Meredith Hewett


“Great staff! Appreciate their going the extra mile to keep me informed during this coronavirus pandemic. It’s tough on the residents, family members, and staff members but understanding and feedback is very important these days. Any day is sometimes hard to deal with, but kudos to all the hard workers who are feeling the high-stress environment right now!”

Jan Breneman

“I’ve worked for the memory care part since September of last year and I have enjoyed every moment of it,I love making the residents smile and laugh every day and learning from their experiences in their lives, I worked under the administrator at another place and followed her here because of the way she cares for her residents and workers.”

Yvonne Tillman

“I am grateful to the staff at Rose Linn for their caring and compassion while assisting my mother to adjust to the Memory Care facility. They eased her transition by paying attention to her emotional needs, keeping her safe, and helping her become part of the Rose Linn resident community. The staff are conscientious when caring for individuals with dementia and strive to preserve independence and dignity. The activities are upbeat and inclusive, regardless of the resident’s abilities. Staff are very good with communicating changes, concerns, and suggestions with family members. Overall, my mother’s transition from assisted living to memory care has been much smoother than I anticipated
Thank you Rose Linn Staff and Administration!”

Lisa Hansen

“I have been working here for 10 years now. I love the wonderful residents and our staff is proud of the direction we are going. Teamwork and the residents are high priority! Stop by and say hello. Join us for crafts, bingo, a parade down the hall, and me…singing off key but happy to be at your service”

Theres Tapley

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